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Purchasing f2 Licenses

f2 can be purchased, rented or provided as a service. For 1:N matching, the price relates to the size of the database, i.e. the number of face images which will be enrolled. If the size of the database subsequently exceeds the maximum ordered, an upgrade to a higher limit can be ordered at any time for the difference in price.

For price details of 1:N and 1:1, email quote@faceforensics.com .  For 1:N, include the approximate number of face images in your database and the area of application. For 1:1, indicate the number of computers that you want to license. A quotation will be provided by return.

Orders can be placed directly at orders@faceforensics.com .  Please include the f2 Computer IDs of the machines you wish to license. The f2 Computer ID is obtained from the About box of the f2 application.